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Unlock Your Animation Skills with Engaging AI Animation Tools in Minutes

Krikey AI Free Animation Generator

For anyone to animate talking Avatars! No experience required.

Krikey AI Pro Animation Generator

For individuals, teachers, students, social media & marketing managers who want simple animation tools to create aesthetic designs.

Krikey AI Enterprise Animation Generator

Includes all of the features of Krikey Pro, plus education & non-profit discounts and enterprise solutions to train your own animation model.

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Explore the World of Krikey AI Animation Tools and Make Engaging Videos - Learn How to Get Started for Free

AI-Powered Video to Animation motion capture is easy to use in our online browser based 3D Video editor. Try AI Animation for free and get started today.

AI Animation Maker: Create Engaging AI Animation Videos in Minutes with Our 3D Video Editor and Templates

Craft engaging narratives with talking 3D avatars - bring your storyboard to life with the future of GenAI tools. Use AI-powered Avatars, video to AI Animation motion capture magic and our easy to use, no code 3D video editor. No animation skills needed! Use generative AI to make 3D animations with text or video prompts and add dialogue with our Voiceover AI tools. Anyone can design an animated video and have their Avatars walk the runway – from tutorial videos to demo gifs, from Anime to NPCs, our AI-powered 3D editor can help bring your creativity to life in a new generative AI-powered workflow.

Design your own Character AI for our AI-powered video editor and AI Animation maker. With a library of assets, unleash your creativity in minutes.

Krikey Character AI: Motion Capture in Minutes Using Generative AI and Your Online Browser

Krikey Character AI is your all-in-one studio for AI animation. Craft your dream 3D cartoon character, unlock AI-powered animations, and voiceover AI tools. Effortlessly create engaging lesson plans, eye-catching digital invitations, and unforgettable social media content that stands out from the crowd! Use image generated backgrounds to take your Avatars around the world, try free templates to get started in minutes and bring motion capture creativity to your storyboarding workflows - no coding experience, art or animation experience required. This is the future of GenAI storytelling - bringing art, animation and creativity into engaging AI-powered videos in minutes.

Make skeleton gifs in minutes with our AI-powered video editor and 3D Animation tools, create engaging videos with templates and our GenAI assets.

AI Animation and GenAI Use Cases: Memes, GIFs, NPCs, Digital Invitations, and More

Use the 3D AI Animation maker to create funny gifs, birthday invitations, engaging videos and more. From anime gifs to talking NPCs, Krikey AI Animation maker is the perfect tool to create eye-catching projects. Add text to your videos, image generated backgrounds and use templates with 3D Avatars to level up your GenAI gifs. AI-powered videos with 3D Avatars and Animations are easy to make in our browser based video editor. With a library of 3D Animation assets, you have creativity and cool graphics available in real-time to make animated videos in minutes.

AI Animation for Everyone

Try Krikey AI Pro, the All-in-One AI Animation Solution to Bring Life to Your Projects

AI Voiceover

Add personalized dialogue to your custom 3D talking Avatars in minutes

AI Character Animation

Use AI to animate your Avatars with text or video prompts

3D Video Editor for AI Animation

No skills needed to edit your videos with 3D animations

Share Engaging AI Animated Videos

Easily share directly to social media from Krikey AI in all aspect ratios

Templates to Animate Like a Pro with AI Animation Tools

Access AI-Powered animation tools directly in your online browser on your laptop and create engaging 3D AI Animation Maker videos in minutes.
Krikey AI Animation Templates: Use our AI animation templates to bring your 3D Avatars to life. Create engaging videos in minutes with our library of assets and 3D video editor.

Whether you have a marketing idea, a cartoon game, a feature film, or more, our templates can save significant time and give you more creative freedom. Templates include camera shot types, image generated backgrounds, AI Animations, custom Avatars, text, voiceovers and more art elements to help you get started with your GenAI Animation journey. Design your own templates and save them to create consistent lesson plans, work presentations, tutorials or demos for your website and more. Get started in minutes and create engaging animated videos with our browser based 3D video editor.

We Are Full of AI Animation Surprises!

Here is More About Krikey and Our AI Animation Innovations!

AI Animation FAQ

Krikey AI Animation maker uses a motion capture style video to animation AI tool to enable anyone to create animated videos in minutes. They also have a 3D video editor tool that you can access directly in your online browser and it’s easy to use - no coding, programming or animation skills required. You can change camera shot types, add voiceovers, make custom Avatar cartoon characters and use generative AI to create engaging videos in minutes. They also have templates and it’s free to get started!

Krikey AI Animation maker enables you to create animations in minutes using text or videos. You can type in a text prompt, like “jumping jacks” or upload a video of someone doing a dance move or playing sports, and the Krikey AI Animation tool will generate a 3D character animation in minutes based off of your video. It’s easy to use and there is also a 3D video editor that can be accessed directly through your online browser. Make engaging videos with custom avatars, voiceover and motion capture style genAI Animations today!

Create your own free animation videos using generative AI templates. Type in a text prompt or upload a video and Krikey AI can convert your text or video to 3D Avatar animation videos. Using their video editor tool in your browser you can make engaging, free videos in minutes.

With AI-powered tools, you can now use AI to make a cartoon in minutes. Type in a text prompt like “jumping jacks” or upload a video of a dance move and use AI motion capture to convert text and video to 3D Animations. Krikey AI Animation tools and 3D Video editor can help you create engaging videos in minutes (they even have easy templates you can get started with for free)!

From NVIDIA to Apple to Runway and other motion capture and VFX tools, there are lots of animation industry choices to make AI cartoons. Krikey AI Animation tools use generative AI to create 3D Animations from text or video prompts. You can create animated videos in minutes and use their browser based video editor to add voiceovers, camera shot types, cool backgrounds and more. They even have templates to help you get started for free today!

AI does not replace animators. Generative AI tools in creativity can help accelerate workflows but can’t fully replace an animator. AI can generate full body animations but the storytelling, creativity and personality of a character still has to come from an animator. The animation industry can use AI to empower animators in their current workflows and help improve motion capture and vfx processes.

It only takes a few minutes to create your own animation. Open the Krikey AI video editor, choose your custom Avatar and 3D Animation. Then type in what voiceover you want your character to say in the video. You can select from 20+ languages and then click generate. Within minutes, you have a 3D Animated video! Then you can change camera shot types, image background and more. Get started for free with our generative AI templates today.

In the Krikey AI video editor you can select an anime Avatar and create AI-powered 3D videos using your Anime character. Whether it is an anime girl or anime boy character, you can add custom voiceover, background images and text. There are also Anime templates to help you get started with your storyboard and video editing. You can even create your own AI Animations using the motion capture style tool for 3D Animation. Add facial expressions in the video editor and create free Anime in minutes.

To create free 3D Animation videos inside the Krikey AI video editor, you can start by selecting any camera shot types, custom Avatars, AI-powered animations and voiceovers. It is free to create AI Animation videos using the Krikey AI 3D Animation video editor. Please note, you can either use free library assets or pro library assets. Pro library assets can be purchased for a one-time license fee for a single video or on a monthly subscription if you anticipate making more than a couple videos per month. For more information, please see our pricing page.

Krikey AI Animation Maker is the best AI Animation tool for 3D Animation creativity and video editing. Their AI Animation tool uses a motion capture style system plus generative AI to convert 2D videos (for example a video of a person dancing) to 3D character animation. It’s easy to create engaging videos for free using their templates or browser based AI animation tools.

With an online browser based AI Animation tool, Krikey AI empowers anyone to animate a 3D character in minutes for free. With a library of assets and animations, it is easy to not only create AI-powered animations but also to edit background image, camera shot types, graphics, custom Avatars and more. There is no software download required and no code, programming or animation skills required to use the Krikey AI Animation tool.

Looking for a free 3D Animation tool that is AI-powered, allows custom Avatars and voiceovers? Krikey AI Animation tools and video editor offers all of the above and more! It’s easy to get started with our templates, even if you have no prior coding, programming, 3D or animation skills or experience. The Krikey AI animation tool welcomes creators of all skill levels and empowers anyone to animate a 3D character in minutes for free.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs or contact us at support@krikey.com