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Krikey AI Free
Animate anything and bring your characters to life. No coding, just creativity.
/month for one person

20 credits (One time grant)
Create Custom 3D Avatars
Easy to use 3D Video Editor
AI-generated scripts and Voice AI
3D Character Animation Library
Animated Text Effects
Animation Software for 3D Videos
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Krikey AI Pro   
★ Best Value
Unlock AI Animation tools, premium content, more powerful video editing features and more.
/month for one person

350 monthly credits for AI Generation
20+ languages with our Voice AI tools
Customizable Camera shot types
Easily resize videos to share
Remove watermark in a click
3D Animation Packs
Digital Invitations template library
Upload Your own Audio Voice
Upload your own Backgrounds
Unlock AI Video to 3D Animation
Animation Rig Download
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Krikey AI Enterprise
Empower your organization with an AI-powered solution for content creation and collaboration.
Krikey AI Video editor with idle 3D cartoon characters
Upload longer videos for animation conversion
Manage multiple licenses
Automate license provisioning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Krikey AI Animation Maker is free for individuals to use. There are upgrades for individuals who want to use premium features. Krikey AI is free animation software available on the web, simply create a free account online to start using our Animation maker.
To use Krikey AI Animation maker you don’t need to have any animation, coding or programming skills. You can choose a text prompt or upload a video to generate AI Animations in Krikey AI. We also have an animation library available in our 3D video editor that you can use for your project.
With the Krikey AI Animation maker, you can easily create or select an animation for your custom character and then personalize your video within minutes! Add voice AI dialogue, aesthetic backgrounds, face animator expressions, animated text and more!
Krikey AI enables you to customize 3D characters, animate them and add dialogue in seconds using voice AI -- these cards will wow your friends, family and co-workers. From graduation invitations to birthday cards, create talking avatars in Krikey AI’s invitation maker!
Yes, Krikey AI has cool backgrounds! You can choose from our existing library of 3D backgrounds and images, or upload your own to personalize your animation video.