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Discover how character AI can revolutionize your animations.

Easily create and edit your animated stories and avatars with Krikey’s character AI generation and use the latest technology in 3D

Benefits of Integrating Character AI

By integrating character AI into animations, creators can elevate the realism and authenticity of their characters. AI enables characters to react dynamically to the virtual world around them, enhancing the overall immersion. Krikey's AI Animation maker tool enables you to customize a 3D character, AI Animate your character and add character voice AI (lip-synced dialogue in 16 languages) -- all within minutes, no code or special skills required. If you are looking for a character AI generator for your beta characters or NPCs, try out the Krikey AI Animation maker for free today to experiment and see what is possible with AI games tools!

Using a character AI generator makes possible 3D projects with only the use of a web tool. Use Krikey’s Character AI to generate AI Animations and realistic cartoon characters.

Create with Krikey AI Animation Maker in 5 easy steps

Make a new Krikey AI account to get started with your own cartoon maker ideas
Create: Customize your 3D Avatar Cartoon Character
Animate: Input a text prompt (ie; jumping jacks) or upload a video (ie; of a person doing a backflip)
Animation Speed: In the Krikey AI Animation Editor, select the animation clip on the timeline and use the overlayed slider to the right to slow down or speed up the pace of the animation.
Edit: Edit and share your Animation cartoon video

Applications of Character AI in Animation

Character AI has found applications in various areas of animation including films, video games, virtual reality, and even website design. It allows characters to exhibit emotions, adapt their movements based on the environment, and interact with other animated elements. Character AI chat will soon be the next big wave in AI games -- the ability to talk and interact with characters is crucial to bring voice to every personality and unleash creative storytelling. Krikey AI Animation maker offers a character ai voice feature where you can use text to speech to generate lip synced dialogue in 16 languages for your 3D animated characters (we also offer this for ready player me characters). You can use our beta character AI tools for free to try out this feature and animate your 3D characters in the Krikey AI Animation maker.

Future Possibilities and Advancements in Character AI

As technology advances, character AI continues to evolve. Machine learning and computer vision algorithms are being leveraged to improve character AI, enabling characters to learn and react in real-time, making them more autonomous and responsive. The Krikey AI character voice Ai tools are more than a character AI chatbot. You have the ability to select language, voice style and pitch to further customize the voice you give to each character in your story. You can also add a narrator track to guide your story forward. With 16 languages to choose from (including spanish text to speech and japanese text to speech) you can quickly expand the target geography for your project and also enable your social media and marketing teams to create content for a wider target audience. This character ai voice tool will empower multiple members of your team from software engineers to social media interns.

Embracing Character AI for Enhanced Animations

By adopting character AI technology, animators and creators can unlock a new level of creativity and realism in their work. Integrating Krikey's character AI offers limitless possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what animated characters can achieve, and captivating audiences in new and exciting ways. If you are looking for character ai alternative choices, give Krikey AI Animation Maker a try for free. Customize your 3D character, AI Animate your character and edit it (including hand gestures, facial expressions, 3D backgrounds, lip synced dialogue and more) all within minutes. Once finished you can export a rig (fbx file) or video (mp4 file) to any software tool of your choice or directly to share on social media.


Krikey AI is available on the web for free. There's no need to download or install anything to use Krikey AI in your web browser, simply create an account online to start using our Animation maker.

You can choose a text prompt or upload a video to generate AI Animations. We also have a number of animations available in our editing tool that you can select from for your project.

Our editing tool has an amazing selection of custom 3D characters, 3D backgrounds, hand gestures, facial expressions, camera angles and more. All the tools can be used by clicking and dragging, no code or special skills required to make an animation video.