Embed Videos in Powerpoint with Animated Avatars: AI Tools for Presentations that Sizzle

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From Static to Storytelling: Craft Animated PowerPoints with AI Avatars and Videos that Inspire

Upgrade your PowerPoints with AI! Embed animated videos & 3D avatars that talk, sing, & rock your audience! Explore cool backgrounds and voice AI!

No Animation Skills Needed: Create Dynamic PowerPoints with AI Tools & Video Embeds Featuring Talking Avatars

PowerPoint presentations no longer have to be a parade of bullet points. In a world where audiences crave interactivity and engagement, AI tools have arrived to unlock a universe of possibilities. You can now breathe life into your presentations with captivating video embeds featuring talking 3D avatars, all without needing any coding experience or animation expertise. Whether you are using Canva powerpoint, building out a powerpoint timeline or trying to embed a video in powerpoint -- now you can elevate your presentation with Animation in just a few minutes!

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Create with Krikey AI Animation Maker in 5 easy steps

Make a new Krikey AI account to get started with your own cartoon maker ideas
Create: Customize your 3D Avatar Cartoon Character
Character AI Animate: Input a text prompt (ie; jumping jacks) or upload a video (ie; of a person doing a backflip)
Animation Speed: In the Krikey AI Animation Editor, select the animation clip on the timeline and use the overlayed slider to the right to slow down or speed up the pace of the animation.
Edit: Edit and share your Animation cartoon video (use Voice AI to add dialogue in any language in seconds!)

Elevate Your Powerpoint Slides with Video Embeds & AI-Powered Avatars that Speak Your Story

Unleash Your Inner Animator with Krikey AI: Create Custom 3D Characters and Videos Effortlessly! Unlock the magic of animation without any coding or software skills required! Krikey AI empowers you to create captivating videos with 3D avatars, animations, and AI-powered voice tools—all within your web browser or directly inside Canva. Here's how to bring your stories to life in a few simple steps: Design Your Dream Character: Choose from a variety of art styles, including anime, to craft a 3D avatar that perfectly reflects your vision. Add Lifelike Motion: Animate your character with ease using AI-powered tools or select from a vast library of pre-made animations (a great Mixamo alternative!). Craft Compelling Scenes: Edit facial expressions, hand gestures, and backgrounds in a user-friendly, code-free editor. Give Your Character a Voice: AI-powered voice tools let you add dialogue in over 20 languages, with seamless lip syncing for a natural performance. Try the Character AI voice tool in Krikey AI today! Access Krikey's Magic Anywhere: Web Browser: Create directly in your browser at www.krikey.ai Canva: Integrate Krikey tools seamlessly within your Canva projects. Find Krikey AI in the Canva app marketplace! Ready to Explore? Dive into our YouTube channel for inspiring tutorials and unleash your creative potential: https://www.youtube.com/@krikey1/videos

Turn Your Slides into Animated Adventures with Talking Avatars & AI

Imagine this: your sales pitch comes alive with a charismatic avatar explaining your product's benefits, humorously engaging the audience. Or, picture a historical figure stepping off the screen to narrate a key event, immersing viewers in the past. These are just a glimpse of what's possible with AI video embeds and talking avatars in PowerPoint. Weave a narrative tapestry that leaves your audience breathless. Craft a video with avatars playing out your story, adding sound effects and music for an immersive experience. It's perfect for presentations requiring a strong emotional connection. Level up Powerpoint Animation with Krikey AI Animation maker tools. You can save your video to desktop and then drag and drop or select to upload the video inside the Powerpoint viewer.

AI Creates Eye-Catching Videos with Talking Avatars to Wow Your Audience

Here are just a few use cases: Product Demonstrations: Let your product speak for itself! Create a video featuring an avatar showcasing its features and benefits. It can answer questions, address concerns, and even inject a dose of humor to keep your audience captivated. Educational Presentations: Make learning a visual feast! Embed AI-generated videos with talking avatars explaining complex concepts or illustrating historical events. The interactive format and engaging characters will keep students glued to the screen. Data Storytelling: Bring your data to life with talking animated characters. It's the perfect way to present complex information in a digestible and engaging manner. With AI tools and video embeds, you can ditch the static slides and create presentations that are not only informative, but also visually stunning and deeply engaging. So, unleash your inner storyteller, embrace the power of AI, and prepare to leave your audience awestruck with the next-generation of PowerPoint animation.


Krikey AI is available on the web for free. There's no need to download or install anything to use Krikey AI in your web browser, simply create an account online to start using our Animation maker.

You can choose a text prompt or upload a video to generate AI Animations. We also have a number of animations available in our editing tool that you can select from for your project.

Our editing tool has an amazing selection of custom 3D characters, 3D backgrounds, hand gestures, facial expressions, camera angles and more. All the tools can be used by clicking and dragging, no code or special skills required to make an animation video.