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Animate your vision with talking avatars in seconds using AI Animation tools!

Storyboard templates using animation and talking avatars, also compatible with canva videos and canva video editor

Previsualize Your Masterpiece: Animating Your Storyboard for Flawless Execution

Picture this: Your film unfolds before your eyes, every frame alive with movement and color, precisely as you envisioned. Not a rushed scramble on set, but a smooth sailing journey guided by a meticulously animated storyboard. That's the magic of previsualization! Krikey AI Animation takes your static sketches to a whole new level. Characters dance across panels, cameras swoop and pan, bringing your script to life before a single shot is filmed. This dynamic preview reveals pacing issues, awkward transitions, and even forgotten details, allowing you to fine-tune your masterpiece long before cameras roll. With Krikey voice AI tools you can also add lip synced dialogue in 20+ languages and quickly see how smooth dialogue interaction is between characters. Imagine catching a plot hole before it sinks your entire narrative, ironing out clunky action sequences, or refining camera angles for maximum impact. Animation lets you experiment, iterate, and polish your vision until it gleams. Think of it as a rehearsal for your film, but one without the hefty price tag or logistical headaches. This pre-production powerhouse ensures your crew hits the ground running, confident in your vision and prepared to execute it flawlessly. So, ditch the guesswork and embrace the power of animation. Turn your storyboard into a living blueprint, and watch your cinematic masterpiece rise from the ashes of static sketches, ready to captivate the world.

Animate your storyboard templates using Krikey AI inside Canva videos, Canva for Education projects, Canva movies and more!

Create with Krikey AI Animation Maker in 5 easy steps

Make a new Krikey AI account to get started with your own cartoon maker ideas
Create: Customize your 3D Avatar Cartoon Character
Character AI Animate: Input a text prompt (ie; jumping jacks) or upload a video (ie; of a person doing a backflip)
Animation Speed: In the Krikey AI Animation Editor, select the animation clip on the timeline and use the overlayed slider to the right to slow down or speed up the pace of the animation.
Edit: Edit and share your Animation cartoon video (use Voice AI to add dialogue in any language in seconds!)

Beyond Pencils and Panels: Unlock the Storytelling Potential of Animated Storyboards

With Krikey AI tools you can customize a 3D avatar, AI Animate your cartoon character and then edit a video using Krikey Voice AI tools, face animator, cartoon hands editor, 3D aesthetic backgrounds and more. Krikey AI is free animation software you can access directly from your web browser -- no code or programming skills required and no software download required. Now you can also access Krikey inside of Canva through the app marketplace. Search for Krikey in Canva Apps and animate 3D characters inside Canva today! First, you can design your custom character selecting from a variety of art styles including anime and more. Then you can AI Animate your cartoon character or choose animations from our animation library (a Mixamo alternative). In our no code editor you can change facial expressions using our Face animator tool, edit cartoon hands, change aesthetic backgrounds and use our Character AI voice tool to add dialogue in 20+ languages. Our voice AI tools can be used by typing in dialogue for your character, selecting a language and within seconds we will create lip synced dialogue for your custom character. Bring your creative ideas to life with Krikey AI Animation tools! Our YouTube channel has a great set of tutorial videos to help you explore what's possible: https://www.youtube.com/@krikey1/videos

Show the Action: Animation - The Secret Weapon of Powerful Storyboards

Forget static sketches chained to flat panels! True cinematic magic lives in movement, in that exhilarating rush of a chase scene, the delicate flutter of a love story's first touch. And that's where animation, the secret weapon of powerful storyboards, truly shines. Storyboard templates with Animation can help you achieve your vision. With a splash of digital ink, your characters leap off the page. Action sequences explode with a dynamism that still drawings simply can't capture. Krikey AI can help you bring voice to your characters - so you can see what your character sounds like speaking in french, hindi or arabic. Animation breaks free from the limitations of the page, letting you orchestrate camera angles, pace, and even lighting within your storyboard. Experiment with dramatic zooms, sweeping pans, and cinematic fades, showcasing your directorial voice with a clarity that static illustrations can only dream of. This visual dynamism ensures your crew understands your intent โ€“ no more muddy scenes or misinterpretations, just a shared vision ready to ignite the screen. It's the difference between a flat map and an immersive virtual tour, a blueprint and a breathtaking architectural rendering. Show the action, don't just tell it, and watch your storyboard template transform from a planning tool to a captivating preview of the cinematic masterpiece waiting to be born.

Eye-catching Animated Storyboards let your vision leap off the page

This vibrant previsualization isn't just for show; it's a power tool. Iron out plot holes, refine pacing, and experiment with camera angles. Watch awkward transitions vanish and forgotten details resurface, ensuring your final film remains a cohesive masterpiece. Animated storyboards are your blueprint, your rehearsal on paper, guaranteeing a smooth production where everyone understands your vision. Let your characters jump, soar, and whisper their way into existence, drawing your audience into your universe long before the opening scene. With eye-catching animated storyboards, your vision isn't just planned, it's experienced, paving the way for a cinematic triumph waiting to be unleashed.


Krikey AI is available on the web for free. There's no need to download or install anything to use Krikey AI in your web browser, simply create an account online to start using our Animation maker.

You can choose a text prompt or upload a video to generate AI Animations. We also have a number of animations available in our editing tool that you can select from for your project.

Our editing tool has an amazing selection of custom 3D characters, 3D backgrounds, hand gestures, facial expressions, camera angles and more. All the tools can be used by clicking and dragging, no code or special skills required to make an animation video.